Learn everything you need to know about Web3 and the creator economy

DEIP has created this handy portal for you to learn how to create your own Web3 startup and get involved in the creator economy today.

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Creator economy impact: an overview

The creator economy refers to self-employed persons who generate money off of their knowledge, talents, and skills by creating content. ...

What are the advantages of F-NFTs?

Fractionalized non-fungible tokens (F-NFTs) are increasingly popular in representing unique digital assets. These tokens offer several advantages over traditional tracking...

How to buy DEIP tokens

A DEIP token is a new form of cryptocurrency that is rapidly gaining popularity and is the main currency used...

Why buy DEIP tokens?

You can use any cryptocurrency wallet that accepts smart contracts through Ethereum; simply select the amount you wish to pay...

DEIP announces IDO

DEIP is delighted to announce the dates for its much-anticipated initial dex offering (IDO)! The IDO will take place in...

How to scale a Web3 startup?

Startup scaling is an essential strategy for all investors in the tech industry. Growth is inevitable, and you wouldn’t set...

DEIP Q4 2021 wrap up

We’d like to round this year off with a few updates about what we have been up to over the...

DEIP pre-sale closed

We value each of your applications to be part of the pre-sale and thank you for your participation and patience....

DEIP SAFT community update

🙏 Thanks for your patience with the pre-sale allocations. 🙏 Let me explain the process of what is taking place...

DEIP Litepaper: Part 3

Creator economy currency Being a blockchain protocol, Creator Economy Protocol requires financial instruments to enable incentives and rewards. DEIP token...

DEIP pre-sale FAQ

🪙 Token Where can we buy pre-sale? Here is the link to the pre-sale application form. You need to fill all...

DEIP releases its tokenomics

DEIP has released its tokenomics. Read the tokenomics to see the token distribution The tokenomics outlines how funds have and will...

What are F-NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a way of selling, and therefore someone owning, a digital asset, such as a video...

Blockchain Interviews x DEIP CEO

Read the transcription of my recent interview with Blockchain Interviews. Watch the interview Ashton I’m Ashton Addison from Block West...

What is DEIP? A brief introduction

DEIP is a protocol for activities related to rewarding creators of intellectual assets. The protocol will facilitate the transition from...