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5 new blockchain solutions for scientific workflows

A new stage in DEIP’s life (and a somewhat belated New Year resolution)

2018 was a year of a great experiment — DEIP blockchain platform for scientific research.

We’ve built DEIP to accelerate science, make it more transparent and open for everyone. The infrastructure we developed for this introduces new innovative models for research, funding and collaboration, that will be further evolving and leading to the formation of a global scientific community: decentralized, self-governed, with all members having open access to research outputs and rewarded for their contribution to science.

To validate the idea of such a platform, we presented it at 17 conferences in 10 cities on 3 continents, collected feedback from hundreds of scientists, spent weeks researching into the specifics of science publishing, funding and communications — all in order to see how blockchain can be best applied to solve their needs.

As a result, our experiment shaped into a number of specific solutions — platforms with different functionalities:

Bringing a solution to market (especially if it employs blockchain that has seen few cases of mass adoption and therefore faces bias) requires a focus, and we see that the fastest way to bring our vision to life is by implementing our products for scientific organizations — funding agencies, universities, research institutes.

DEIP has great potential in automating their processes and unleashing millions that can be directed to fund new research instead of covering administrative costs. Even more value can be brought by increasing the efficiency of grants distribution — DEIP enables this by accelerating a time-to-grant and tracking the impact of each research resulted from a grant.

Trends are on our side — governments all over the world are employing digital transformation to improve their public institutions, and here we can help.

Some public initiatives are on our side too — say, Plan S, which is a consortium of national research agencies and funders from 12 European countries, is looking for a new model of open access publishing, and blockchain with its economic stimuli seems to be the ideal solution. Plan S proponents, if you’re reading this post, do pay attention to blockchain-based solutions 🙂

Together with all this, our long-term vision remains the same — we’re building DEIP to accelerate science and provide each researcher with opportunities and instruments never seen before. Our vision is well stated in our one-pager (click to download).

So full speed ahead, to the adoption of DEIP and employing blockchain for the good of science!

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