Blockchain for Knowledge Creation: Green Light for Great Minds

Many scientists and inventors have already made an outstanding contribution to the development of science. Unfortunately, not all their merits were appreciated and paid for. Through history great minds have struggled with making money for a living while at the same time conducting their research and moving humanity forward. Lack of access to the results of colleagues has also slowed down the research progress. As a result, many fields have lost prominent researchers and their worthy contribution to human development.

DEIP, a decentralized research platform, was created to prevent future losses in the scientific community. The aim of the project is to provide an open platform for academic paper sharing and to fair reward contribution to knowledge creation. Scientists, who will work with DEIP, will be able to concentrate on their research without attracting media attention or pleasing sponsors in the means of financing.The platform provides financial and reputational incentives for contributors and reinforce open communication between colleagues.

How does it work?

DEIP is a blockchain-based research platform. Its internal cryptocurrency allows for the platform to run independent of external financial pressure. Researchers working on DEIP automatically receive income from their research activities under expert assessments.

The experts assessment is made by the means of expertise tokens that represent the expertise level of each member of the platform. The distribution of such tokens is controlled by the decentralized assessment within the platform. There are different tokens attributed within a range of disciplines. Each DEIP user who has expert tokens of a certain discipline can vote for research in this field.

In a nutshell, there is a permanent emission of internal cryptocurrency (DEIP tokens) and expertise tokens. Both of these tokens are distributed among scientists on the basis of their research ranking. This ranking is based on the amount of votes a researcher places towards different projects. Each voter has also his or her own status that depends on the number of expertise tokens he or she possesses. Expertise tokens don’t expire: when experts vote for research, they ascribe certain value to it. The value depends on the amount of expertise token that an expert possesses.

In other words, the more expertise tokens an expert has, the more valuable his or her vote is. In return, the scientist whose project was assessed by an expert automatically receives income in internal cryptocurrency.

What are the benefits?

First, DEIP guarantees everyone free access to all the information on the platform. It allows scientists to get acquainted with the experience of their colleagues and review the works they have published. Scientist using the DEIP can publish their research free of charge.

Second, the blockchain protocols ensure the absence of centralized budget management. There are economic and reputational incentives in the protocol to help asses work on a professional level. According to the protocol, valuable research is rewarded fairly, while excluding subjectivity of fund distribution.

Lastly, the research work is done on a peer-to-peer relationship principle. It guarantees the absence of limitations that are usually attributed to a classical hierarchical system. Researches could work either alone or together with like-minded colleagues also present on the platform.

Due to the expertise of the engineers and designers DEIP is very intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is to register on the platform and start to work on research projects and/or vote for valuable ones. Even an early career scientist can receive funding at the initial stage of their research. Moreover, the announcement of research has potential of attracting future rewards. Should the DEIP experts vote for an early-bird idea, the researcher will straight away receive financing.

The purpose of DEIP is to encourage people to contribute to science and help researchers finance their ideas. We are striving to change the world to a place where researchers will need only knowledge and inspiration to create and change the reality for the better without concerning themselves with financing.

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