Collective Intelligence Labs launches grants for concept creation

Collective intelligence labs, a decentralized incubator focused on building an infrastructure for collective intelligence of Web3 technologies for the creator economy, is launching a funding program which will offer grants to projects for the submission of concept papers for R&D projects.

DEIP is one of the projects incubated by Collective Intelligence Labs.

The project concepts submitted for a chance to be funded should outline collective intelligence technologies, tools, or protocols or uncover applications of collective intelligence in different areas in the in creative economy space, such as:

  • Open science and peer review
  • Patent assessment
  • Student grade assessment
  • Curation of art
  • Assessment of source code and computer programs
  • Assessment of architecture

Specifically, we are interested in finding like-minded engineers and researchers, who we will provide funding, technologies, and mentorship to. Funding will be allocated to individuals whose ideas accelerate the development of collective intelligence infrastructure.

The funding will be allocated to anyone with great ideas in this area, and we are also partnering with interested universities to participate in a committee that reviews submissions.

Submissions should be two-pages long on the topic of how collective intelligence in the creator economy can be applied across various fields. Submissions selected to receive the funding will be provided with a share of 200,000 USD and each submission will be evaluated according to:

  • Quality
  • Impact
  • Use of funds
  • Applicability for creator economy

If this sounds like something that you would like to be involved in, please reach out to us at

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