Community weekly update: March 21–25, 2022

The closing weeks of March have becoming super busy one’s for DEIP as we gear up to our mainnet launch and IDO next month.

We are on the cusp of full deployment to NEAR as an Octopus appchain and are very much looking forward to participating in the development of these ecosystems and Web3 as a whole!

DEIP global ambassador program launched

The greatest news this week — our global ambassador program has begun!

This is the very first step of our big ambassador plan, so stay tuned for updates!

As part of our ambassador program we are looking for:

  • Content creators
  • Community contributors
  • Tech ambassadors
  • Talent scouters

For all kinds of ambassadors we prepared various perks and benefits.

Learn more about our ambassador program and how to get involved

AMA-session for outstanding NEAR community

We held an AMA-session for almost 60 000 of NEAR’s community members this Thursday

As you know by now, we are preparing to join the NEAR ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and what this means for DEIP, NEAR, and Octopus in forthcoming news!

Our CEO Alex got more than 150 questions! Wow! Guys, if you followed us, thank you for your questions! For those who missed the event we are preparing text-version.

Meme contest with “NEAR meme daily!”

This week we’ve started common meme contest and already got more than 100 hilarious memes about DEIP!

In case you missed, follow #DEIP and #MemeDaily in twitter and enjoy 🙂

Feel free to offer your own meme about DEIP, creators or WEB3! Don’t forget mention @DEIP_world.

Here are some memes that caught our eye:

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