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DEIP announces airdrop for early investors

First of all, everyone at DEIP would like to thank the community for the support it has offered since the beginning of our journey until today and for the community’s belief in DEIP. Even now, when the market is struggling with bearish trends on the secondary market, and DEIP suffering setbacks over the course of its IDO, we are grateful for the support we continue to receive from our community and early investors.

I have to admit that our early investors — to whom we owe a great deal of our current stability — took considerable losses that are down to both external factors and decisions made by our team. We want to assure you that we have always and will always act in the best interest of our investors and community.

In order to reward the community and early investors, we decided to conduct an airdrop with a vesting schedule to early investors with the following multipliers and effective prices:

Investment roundPrice (cents)MultiplierNew price (cents)
IDO-1 (BC)1.53x0.5

The airdrop will be offered with 1-year vesting and a 6-month cliff. 

Please stay tuned: our technical team is preparing all of the necessary scripts to perform the airdrop. We will also release an updated tokenomics with the new token distribution details soon.

How the airdrop will work (example calculation)

If you were an investor in the pre-sale round and invested $10,000 in DEIP, then you would have received 1,000,000 $DEIP after vesting, as the price per token here was 0.01 per $DEIP. However, with the adjusted calculation, you will receive an adjusted token price depending on the investment round. As a result, the new calculation for Presale-1 would look like this: $10,000 / 0.0033(3) (New Token Price) = 3,000,000 $DEIP.

This means that if you invested $10,000 in Presale-1, you will receive an additional 2,000,000 from the airdrop over the one year vesting period, leaving you with 3,000,000 DEIP at the end of the vesting period (instead of 1,000,000).

Thanks for your support

We appreciate all of the help from the community, and in spite of this bumpy start, we are looking forward to a bright future for DEIP. We can build this future together with you, realizing the full potential of a decentralized creator economy.

We really value your support in these early stages, and we will continue striving to make DEIP a successful global system for monetizing all IP assets and starting a revolution in the creator economy.

Of course, in order to perform an airdrop like this, we had to significantly reduce the amount of tokens allocated to ecosystem development. 

Still, we believe that the support of our early investors and community is much more important, and with this strong community, we will be able to achieve even greater ecosystem growth. Together, we have the power to transform reality, accelerate the adoption of the Web3 space and bring new benefits to all the creators in the world.

If you participated in the Boca-chica IDO, please fill in this form to receive instructions on how to get your airdrop.

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