DEIP announces IDO

DEIP is delighted to announce the dates for its much-anticipated initial dex offering (IDO)!

The IDO will take place in two stages on two different dates and platforms:

Stage 1: Apr 12 — Boca Chica

Stage 2: Apr 15 —

As part of the IDO 208,000,000 tokens will be sold, 5.20% of all DEIP tokens. Following the IDO, participants in the public sale will receive their tokens at the token generation event with no vesting.

10% of the funds raised will be donated to support humanitarian causes to aid refugees from Ukraine.

About DEIP token

DEIP token serves three major functions in the network:

Utility token

DEIP token is a native token in DEIP network. The token serves multiple purposes and can be used as payment mechanism, governance token, and staking for yield farming in the network. All financial transactions in the network have fees (specified by network council).

Governance token

As a governance token, DEIP token provides holders with voting rights for the election of Validators and council members, and for the adjustment of the key network parameters through referendums. Before network launch DEIP token holders will be also able to participate in governance of the network launch process by approving or declining council decisions.

Staking and yield farming:

Network participants can stake DEIP tokens on a specific F-NFT segment to farm the yield of underlying intangible assets. If you stake your DEIP tokens on a specific industry (segment) in the network, every financial transaction made in this industry has a fee. The fee collected is shared between the ecosystem fund and yield farmers in the industry where the transaction is performed (eg. music, movies, invention, etc).

Read more about DEIP token in the tokenomics

April starts with a bang

April 1, 2022

DEIP is deployed on Near protocol as an Octopus appchain, DEIP token smart-contract is deployed on Near protocol

April 3, 2022

DEIP is whitelisted on Skyward / Ref Finance

April 4, 2022

DEIP token is deployed on the DEIP chain and the scripts for distribution for early investors is deployed

April 8, 2022

Start of deposit period for the main IDO at Skyward Finance

April 12, 2022

DEIP runs the IDO campaign on Boca Chica launchpad

April 15, 2022

DEIP opens the auction-based IDO on Skyward Finance launchpad

See the full IDO roadmap

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