DEIP announces partnership with Paralect Venture Studio to support creator economy projects

DEIP is partnering with Paralect Venture Studio to accelerate development of its Web3-creator-economy ecosystem. Paralect Venture Studio has its own startup accelerator that has helped over 20 small and medium-sized companies successfully launch products that drive innovation. The partnership brings product and business development expertise together with Web3 and creator-economy expertise to help companies launch successfully.

The creator economy has been driven by an explosion in the number of creators during the pandemic as the world shifted online. Creators, though, are still deprived of their fair share of the value they create. Web3 technologies aim to level the playing field and eradicate middlemen publications which assume much of the value from the creator economy by virtue of their centralized nature. To facilitate the shift to Web 3.0, there needs to be additional motivation to bring about mass adoption.

DEIP and Paralect are coming together to create an accelerator for Web3 products in the creator economy to boost adoption. The partnership is pledging up to $100,000 to each project selected for the accelerator, with submissions for ideas to be accepted in Q1 of 2022.

Paralect Venture Studio incubates startups, with 25 products successfully launched. Paralect assists founders in designing and developing products, in addition to investing in the projects, supporting go-to-market activities and product growth.The total value of the startups Paralect has assisted is several billion dollars, including a unicorn: Theranest, now valued at $1.2B.

Paralect has its own framework that helps founders avoid the mistakes and difficulties that many startups face. While 9 out of 10 startups are destined to fail, Paralect asserts that 95% of products launched with their help stay afloat, with an impressive 95% customer retention following the release of their MVP.

DEIP is building web3 protocol and tools for the creator economy. As a producer of knowledge-based assets, creative industries are set to become the major drivers of economic growth in the world. DEIP is on a mission to facilitate the global market shift from a “value capture” economy to a “value creation” by creating a new set of rules which democratize access to resources for creators and unlock the full potential of creators around the world.

Paralect is already building 3 projects within the DEIP ecosystem, and plans to launch 5 more within the next 2 months and up to 20 more in 2022. One of these projects is Vedai: a free crowdfunding platform for human capital investment, with integrated secondary-market tokenized ISAs (income share agreements), built using DEIP’s constructor.

“The partnership with Paralect will help people build successful Web3 products and for the creator economy. We see our partnership as the perfect synergy to drive adoption,” noted DEIP CEO, Alex Shkor.

“As a venture studio, we see our mission as investing in and building digital tools that give creators fair remuneration and an environment in which they can thrive. Being a company at the forefront of Web 3.0 for the creator economy, DEIP and its protocol architecture are fertile ground to nurture and develop new projects,” remarked Paralect CEO, Dmitry Schetnikovich.

The partnership sees DEIP and Paralect launch an accelerator for startup ideas in the creator economy. The accelerator will invest up to $100,000 in each chosen idea, with investments beginning in the first quarter of 2022.

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