DEIP explained: everything you need to know about the project

What is DEIP, and who was it created for?

DEIP is the future of the creator economy. A blockchain-based Web 3.0 technology solution for creators, intellectual property, tangible and intangible asset owners to monetize and generate liquidity using NFTs and F-NFTs (Fractionalized Non-Fungible Tokens).

DEIP was created to advance humanity further using blockchain-based Web 3.0 technologies. It’s designed to support creators, intellectual property rights, tangible and intangible asset owners.

Core aims

  1. Drive wide-spread adoption of Web 3.0, and to boost the liquidity of creator economy assets
  2. Increase the monetization potential of intellectual property (IP) and tangible/intangible assets
  3. Facilitate greater collaboration between creators, IP/asset owners, and businesses
  4. Improve IP and asset protection, using the blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies
  5. Provide a DAO-based governance model for creators, IP and asset owners

Core features

#1: Boost liquidity for creators, tangible and intangible asset owners

DEIP will facilitate, enable and power the liquidity of high-value tangible and intangible assets across the creator economy worldwide, using F-NFTs, to make them more accessible to millions of people.

#2: Increase ownership rights asset protection

Intellectual property rights owners will benefit from increased protection of assets, thanks to blockchain-based and Web 3.0 technologies, Ownership will be recorded on unalterable, cryptographically secure, transparent and traceable decentralized public ledgers.

#3: Improve collaboration between businesses and intellectual property rights owners

Creators and asset owners can work more effectively with businesses and brands, especially when it comes to sharing and monetizing creative assets.

#4: High-impact, fast-to-build, modular Web 3.0 construction

DEIP is built using an open-source Web 3.0-based modular framework, whereby anyone on the platform can create open-source portals, focused around specific themes or assets. DEIP Constructor offers a low and no-code mode.

#5: DOA-based governance model

DEIP is designed around a DOA-based governance model, for the benefit of creators, IP, and asset owners, and those seeking to monetize those assets, such as businesses and other organizations.

#6: Ongoing rewards for creators, intellectual property, and asset owners

Creators can monetize assets using licensing tools, a marketplace, NFTs/F-NFTs, DAOs, and smart contracts to automate royalty generation.

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