DEIP launches new website and design language

DEIP has completely rebranded to reflect its modular architecture and aspirations for a better world centered around human intellectual capital.

DEIP is proud to present its new style following a rebrand.

We believe that technology opens up the human potential to create a meritocratic society, in which decision-making is decentralized and reputation is based on objective metrics.

Our new branding aims to visually embody our beliefs: a design language for Web 3 that is intuitive yet unique. The new style isn’t similar to that of Web 2.0 companies, nor does it take a “technology-for-the-sake-of-technology” approach like other Web 3.0 firms.

We have employed bright colors to demonstrate how we are creating a framework to go above and beyond in facilitating the transition to Web 3.0. The new design demonstrates our ambition and vibrance, setting us apart from the monotone styles of tech companies. We overstep the black and white with light green; this is part of our technological mission: to be the stand-out facilitator for change.

DEIP’s new design is centered around the opportunity for the individual to take part in collective decision-making. We realize that we are all experts in our own domain and have something to contribute.

The creator becomes central to the narrative in the photos. The individual is the author of their creations, with each of us making our own intellectual assets to contribute to human capital.

Our large color contrast of green, black, white, and grey represents the individuality of creations, while the modular design elements and complex architectural themes represent the interplay of ecosystems in which elements can be added and subtracted.

The photographic elements that were selected take on abstract forms. Ecosystems are about complex interplay in a natural environment. This is why we have taken a more biological way of looking at things.

Our new branding represents our humanity, transparency, and capability.

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