DEIP partners with Human Guild to help creators to unlock their full potential

The partnership will bring more creators to Web3 by strengthening communities and actively promoting a “win-and-help win” culture.

DEIP is partnering with Human Guild: a Web3 project that aims to obliterate the barriers and gatekeeping that prevent people from creating what they love. Human Guild is helping the next generation of passion driven founders achieve what they want. This is a fantastic partnership that aligns perfectly with DEIP’s mission to help creators to unlock their full potential.

Human Guild was involved in the first building of the NEAR ecosystem and with crypto gaming communities. Here, they soon realised that the biggest challenges to onboard gamers in crypto were slow, expensive transactions, end usability, and poor development experience. Since then, NEAR has built the most scalable developer and user friendly blockchain architecture, effectively becoming the perfect home for gamers. Human Guild was created to help gamers get started in Web3.

Since then, Human Guild has transformed into an open group of founders and creators who believe everyone should be able to earn what they need in order to do what they love. Human Guild’s mission is to increase the number of people earning cryptocurrencies every day. For its part, DEIP wants to implement a fair, transparent, and trustless foundational infrastructure for unlocking the full potential of creators all around the world. As part of the partnership DEIP will help to build infrastructure to reach Human Guild’s goal and provide its services and community.

DEIP’s Creator Economy Protocol is a Web3, a domain-specific protocol that enables the discovery, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets such as intellectual property. DEIP’s technology aims to tokenize any high-value intangible asset — such as patents, copyrights, inventions, and intellectual property — by turning it into fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs). These F-NFTs can then be traded, providing creators with an avenue to liquidity and the holders of the tokens fractional ownership over the intangible asset.

Through the partnership with DEIP Human Guild will help newcomers to realize their projects and discover the possibilities that Web3 offers. Both companies strongly believe that anyone should be able to earn by doing what they love with a mission to help people getting paid in crypto and getting involved in the online creator economy.

“The world is transitioning from a capital centric place to a creator centric place. Our partnership with Human Guild will speed up this transition,” noted DEIP CEO, Alex Shkor.

Human Guild does not only help newcomers bring their projects to reality and discover the possibilities that Web3 offers. It also engages in onboarding and creation of communities both online and offline. Human Guild helps people to launch mainnet, to develop and improve their products, support community building, and actively promote a “win and help win” culture.

“At Human Guild, we want every human to be rewarded for bringing their creations to the world. This is exactly what DEIP is enabling via its Creator Economy Protocol, and we are thrilled to work together on making a vibrant creator economy in Web3 space,” remarked Human Guild’s Co-founder, Sasha Hudzilin.

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