DEIP passed audit to Octopus testnet

DEIP has successfully undergone Octopus Network’s testnet audit and is advancing to the next stage where the Octopus community will vote on whether to make DEIP an appchain.

DEIP launching its appchain on Octopus Network will allow us to become part of NEAR’s ecosystem and develop towards becoming multi-chain.

Our technical team has been in constant contact with the people at Octopus, responding to all questions and delivering quality code that has been approved by the auditors without any comments. This is an important step that will allow DEIP to launch as an appchain and speed up preparations for the mainnet launch.

Inspect the DEIP testnet on Octopus

We plan to launch DEIP Mainnet in the Octopus Mainnet network in February 2022 and are currently on course to do so.

Why DEIP chose Octopus

We are partnering with Octopus because it is one of the cheapest interoperable chains out there. Not only is it cheaper on a per-transaction basis, but it is also cheaper to acquire a slot on the network. Moreover, Octopus offers a fairer model for slot distribution, meaning greater equality across the network.

Furthermore, there are some great synergies on Octopus, namely the ability to integrate with one of the best smart-contract chains available: NEAR protocol. Integrating with NEAR allows us to provide functionality for DEIP protocol participants to experiment with assets created on the protocol.

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