DEIP protocol modules: what we are making

I wanted to explain about some of the things we are working on at DEIP. Specifically: the modules that we are creating for the protocol.

Currently we have the following modules which are supported by our offchain infrastructure:

DAO module — allows to create a DAO which can be a user, team, organization etc.

Project/ProjectContent module — allows to create assets like technologies, music albums, books, etc.

NFT/Assets module — allows to issue UIA and tokenize previously created asset with specific tokens. Can be used to create tokens of any type — NFT, FNFT, asset backed, stablecoins, etc.

InvestmentOpportunity module — allows to start fundraising campaigns to attract funds for projects

ContractAgreement module — allows to sign an agreement between a number of parties and obtain a digital timestamp. Can be used for issuing licence agreements as well.

Proposals module — allows to create an on-chain smart contract by combining operations supported by DEIP protocol and execute it once all required signatures are available.

Attributes and Layouts module — allows to customize appearance of portal templates and decorate entites with custom fields.

Review module — allows to assess the quality of a Project/ProjectContent by making a decentralized peer-review with a curation model. This is a prototype of DAS (Decentralized Assessment System) which will support different pluggible and custom assesment models in the future.

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