DEIP Protocol partners with the Octopus Network to scale the Web 3.0 ecosystem

DEIP’s deployment to the Octopus Network brings tokenization of intangible assets to the ecosystem and increased liquidity to the creator economy.

DEIP is the latest application-specific blockchain to join the Octopus Network, with the company’s tech aiming to become a major Web3 protocol for the creator economy. DEIP will bring infrastructure for governance, liquidity, and tokenization of intangible assets as NFT in any industry to the growing Octopus ecosystem.

The creator economy consists of independent content creators, curators, and community builders. It recognizes and values ideas as commodities and includes scientists, developers, content creators, social media influencers, bloggers, videographers, and more. The problem is that most of the value in the creator economy is locked up due to intangible assets’ illiquid nature and centralized publishers who capitalize on their market position by appropriating the majority of the value. DEIP’s Web3 protocol (Creator Economy Protocol) provides software and finance tools designed to help innovators and creators scale and monetize their skill sets to unlock greater value.

DEIP’s Creator Economy Protocol is a Web3, a domain-specific protocol that enables the discovery, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets such as intellectual property produced by the creator economy. DEIP is specifically designed to facilitate the tokenization of intangible assets, including governance, and liquidity. DEIP’s technology aims to tokenize any high-value intangible asset — such as patents, copyrights, inventions, and intellectual property — by turning it into fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs). These F-NFTs can then be traded, providing creators with an avenue to liquidity and the holders of the tokens fractional ownership over the intangible asset.

DEIP also provides toolkits to easily build an asset class and industry-specific platforms to tokenize intangible assets via its Constructor. The DEIP Constructor is an open-source, modular constructor for building intangible-asset tokenization platforms. It enables users to build NFT marketplaces in no-code (drag and drop) or low-code mode. It has been referenced as the “WordPress for Web 3.0” because of its user-friendly approach to building Web3 frameworks and in anticipation of how it might foster the adoption of decentralized technologies.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Octopus which will enable us to enter one of the strongest ecosystems. We believe that collaboration with different ecosystems will greatly advance Web 3.0 adoption as it enables truly open access to all services for the Web 3.0 community,” announced Alex Shkor, DEIP Co-Founder and CEO.

DEIP joins the Octopus Network’s appchain candidate pipeline to launch and run a Web 3.0 appchain. Octopus Network allows technology like DEIP’s to interact with other trustless, autonomous blockchains while benefiting from the network effects of interoperability; ushering in an era of decentralization and data privacy on the Web 3.0 internet.

“Because Octopus Network is designed to make Web 3.0 accessible to all Substrate and Web 3.0 developers by lowering the cost of bootstrapping appchain security, we’re able to offer mass adoption for Web 3.0 applications, allowing Web 3.0 to be realized much sooner and by more protocols than other platforms,” said Louis Liu, Founder, Octopus Network.

About the Octopus Network

The Octopus Network acts as a decentralized, two-sided platform for Web 3.0 investors and Web 3.0 application teams. Appchain candidates for the Octopus Network pass through stages in the candidate queue, including registration, audit, voting, staging, and booting. In addition, Octopus Network token holders have the right to select the best appchain projects by upvoting or downvoting in the on-chain candidate queue.

About DEIP

DEIP is a tech company that creates Web 3.0 protocol, tools, and applications for the creator economy. As a producer of knowledge-based assets, creative industries will become the major drivers of economic growth in the world. DEIP is on a mission to facilitate the global market shift from a “value capture” economy to a “value creation” by creating a new set of rules which democratize access to resources for creators and unlock the full potential of creators around the world.

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