DEIP Q4 2021 wrap up

We’d like to round this year off with a few updates about what we have been up to over the past three months with some great updates.

Octopus Network audit and first Substrate-based portal on DEIP’s network

The tech team has been making some big leaps towards mainnet launch.


  • MVP of Vedai launched on a new network built on Substrate
  • Basic presets for Casimir
  • DEIP completes Octopus Network audit

MVP of Vedai launched

Vedai was previously built on a network based on Graphene. Since we are shifting to substrate, we needed to rebuild Vedai using substrate frameworks. Vedai is one of the first products built using DEIP’s technology.

Vedai was born from the idea that by making education more accessible, we can help people change their lives for the better. It does so by offering an P2P investment marketplace where students can borrow funds in the form of income share agreements to pay for professional bootcamps.

Basic presets for Casimir

Casimir has been tightly linked to Vedai in recent times because Vedai has set the requirements for the capabilities of the Web3 constructor. As such, Vedai has been the basic preset (template) for how we develop portals. But by using Casimir, developers should be able to create any type of portal. Vedai has allowed us to create these basic presets and now expand the functionality.

We have created a new model of attributes for data modelling that will allow us to significantly expand the flexibility of Casimir so that it can quickly and simply create portals for all types of assets to realize all sorts of interesting business scenarios.

DEIP completes Octopus Network audit

DEIP has successfully undergone Octopus Network’s testnet audit and is advancing to the next stage where the Octopus community will vote on whether to make DEIP an appchain.

DEIP launching its appchain on Octopus Network will allow us to become part of NEAR’s ecosystem and develop towards becoming multi chain.

Our technical team has been in constant contact with the people at Octopus, responding to all questions and delivering quality code which has been approved by the auditors without any comments. This is an important step which will allow DEIP to launch as an appchain and speed up preparations for the mainnet launch.

Network launch announcement

Since Octopus confirmed that February is ok with their timeline, we will soon announce the main-network launch for February. This announcement will be very important message for the community. We need to decide if we set the date first before announcement or announce that it will be just in February.

DEIP pre-sale sells out with 10x oversubscription


  • $800,000 raised in 2 weeks
  • 380 took part
  • Over 4,100 applications to participate

Due to the need to shift the IDO to 2022, we decided to launch a pre-sale for early community members. The pre-sale allowed the public to purchase a stake in DEIP, widening the ownership and boosting the project’s decentralization.

The pre-sale took place as a private sale of tokens to a wide range of private investors. Over 4,100 people applied to take part from all over the world. There were only 380 allocations available for a total value of $800,000. The funds raised will be spent on increasing the size of the team, in addition to marketing and PR activities during the build up to the IDO.

More investment on the horizon

We are constantly receiving requests from investors. We are considering raising another round after test-net launch. Therefore please make sure you reflect in our updates what we have done and what we can showcase to the investors. We have a couple of investors waiting already possibility to invest in DEIP.

New partnerships

We have some exciting partnerships that will boost the DEIP ecosystem and more are on the horizon.



We are partnering more and more deeply with Paralect. They will be our strategic partner for portal development and for the accelerator. Paralect will be responsible for the success of the portals and their application in our network. We will also become a partner for Paralect’s Accelerator for the Creator Economy track.

Brightest Mind

We are also partnering with a lead generation company, Brightest Mind. Now we are thinking about how we can apply their services to boost the success of the DEIP Network. We are considering multiple options:

  • Bring developers to our source code repos to ask them to add comments/issues/pull requests
  • Bring beta testers for Casimir
  • Bring Hackathon participants
  • (propose your own)

More partnerships are coming

We are discussing partnerships with more firms who can help with R&D, or other activities.

New staff

  • Alena Krasinskiene — Executive Assistant. Hobbies: web design, snowboarding , wakeboarding, travelling
  • Julietta Voskanyan — Video Producer. Hobbies: reading, watching films, travelling
  • Miroslav Milovanovic — Technical Writer. Hobbies: watching football and basketball, big Partizan Belgrade fan, reading classics, taking long walks, quality coffees
  • Vitaliy Shalak — Backend Team Lead Casimir constructor. Hobbies: music, vocalist and visual artist


  • JavaScript Front-end Developer
  • JavaScript Full-Stack Developer
  • Marketing Activation Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Rust Developer

If you know anyone who would be a great fit for these roles, get in touch with us.

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