DEIP SAFT community update

🙏 Thanks for your patience with the pre-sale allocations. 🙏

Let me explain the process of what is taking place at the moment.

We are processing pre-sale allocation applications one by one on a first-come-first-served basis, beginning with the lowest amounts first. As such, we are currently processing Allocation #1: 200 investors x $500 check.

Please note you can only take part once and in one allocation.

Independent of which allocation size you applied for, you will be offered lower allocations first. If you wish to take part in a larger allocation, please wait to be sent the SAFT for that allocation.

For example, if you wish to take part in Allocation #4 (20 investors x $5,000 check) and have received a SAFT to take part in Allocation #1, if you complete the Allocation #1 SAFT and make the payment, you will not be offered the chance to take part in Allocation #4.

For larger allocations (starting from $10,000 check), we ask participants to provide more information about how they can help the development of the DEIP ecosystem and help us bring the whole creator economy to Web 3.0. If you plan to take part in allocations from $10,000, please email your motivations to take part in the development of the DEIP ecosystem to

The below FAQ is being updated in real time here.


Is it too late to do KYC for the presale?

We have stopped carrying out KYC as the presale is oversubscribed.

Will i get an email if my KCS is processed?

Yes, you will be notified.

Can I take part in several allocations?

No, you can take part in only one allocation.

Can I change allocation?

No, you can only take part in the allocation you sign the SAFT for.

Where can I learn about the DEIP token?

See tokenomics:

I didn’t receive a SAFT but want to take part.

If you didn’t get a SAFT by the end of the presale then you will have to wait until the IDO to purchase DEIP tokens.

Moreover, since you applied but didn’t receive tokens. You will be whitelisted for the IDO.

Where will the token be listed?

The tokens will be first listed on DEXes then on CEXes, we are already in touch with some of them, and will be posting news about this closer to IDO.

I’ve signed the SAFT what’s next?

Wait for the DEIP team to sign the SAFT and then you should perform the transfer.

When the SAFT is signed by both parties (investors and DEIP) what should I do next?

In the SAFT you can find the address where to send USDT/USDC — please send the amount specified in your SAFT.

I requested an investment amount but received SAFT for a smaller amount, why?

Due to high demand from investors we had to reduce some allocation and sign you for a smaller allocation.

How much time do I have to send money for my investment?

For each investor there is a Settlement Date specified in the SAFT agreement, you have to send money before the settlement date.

What happens if I miss my chance to sign SAFT or send money on time?

Your allocation will be offered to another person.

I signed the SAFT and made transfer. When will I receive my DEIP tokens?

Your DEIP tokens will be distributed at the TGE when main network is launched.

Where will I receive my DEIP tokens?

You will have to register a DEIP wallet first. The wallet will be released before network launch.

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