DEIP sealed a partnership with Gotbit

DEIP has partnered with the Gotbit, a company that is providing consulting services and implementing strategies for the business development of blockchain projects worldwide. They have been working with 350+ tokens and coins and 90% of them reached ATH.

GotBit will provide all-in-one market making and business development services on DEX/CEX. The company has deep expertise in promoting the development of blockchain startups and, thus, DEIP can get unique insights and advice that may allow them to reach new heights in the industry and mitigate the scope of business threats they face.

“DEIP x Gotbit Partnership will provide the most efficient market for all DEIP early stage investors and newcomers. Gotbit experience in DEX and CEX market making and Gotbit liquidity providing will help DEIP reach higher results,” notes CEO of Gotbit Consulting Alexey Andryunin.

“Our partnership with Gotbit will enable ​​Tier-1 Market Management on any DEX/CEX. We are proud to be working with such a solid strategic partner,” Alex Shkor, CEO and Co-founder of DEIP, commented.

About Gotbit

GotBit is a blockchain-specialized market management and development agency that has helped more than 500 clients from across the crypto sphere. They help build value with strategies and solutions that are opportune and liquid.

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About DEIP

DEIP is a deep tech business that is reinventing how intangibles are assessed. DEIP has developed a unique technology for this purpose: a mechanism for obtaining expert consensus on the quality of intangible assets and formalizing this knowledge into quantitative indicators. These metrics give a precise assessment of any intangible asset’s quality and potential (like patents, research, movie scripts, human capital, etc.).

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