DEIP to open first metaverse city

On June 3, 2022, DEIP will merge the physical and digital worlds by opening the very first embassy at renowned Swiss gallery, Weng Contemporary. Visitors will receive a visa to enter the first DEIP metaverse city.

The embassy will become an entry point to DEIP’s metaverse, a virtual city built by creators, meta-architects, and 3D artists. The first one to receive a “meta visa” at the embassy will be the one-of-a-kind “Balloon Dog” by Jeff Koons. The renowned artwork will turn phygital: the physical sculpture underwent photogrammetry and has been transformed into a digital artwork ready to be showcased in DEIP’s metaverse city. 

During the grand opening of the metaverse city, DEIP will present its approach to protocol adoption and its low-code/no-code modular constructor, Casimir: an easy tool for creators to create and run a business and enter Web3. 

Weng Contemporary will host DEIP’s embassy for a month. From June 3 to July 3, 2022, the gallery’s visitors will be able to receive a “meta visa” to enter and explore the meta world for themselves and learn about the future of the creator economy. 

“DEIP’s first metaverse city has been created to illustrate our core values where the creator is at the center and where the core infrastructure is built for a decentralized creator economy. Together with Jeff Koons’ sculpture, a highlight of the contemporary creative economy, participants receive an immersive experience, strolling around the meta city and diving into the Web3 universe,” said Alex Shkor, CEO and Co-founder of DEIP. 

The project is implemented in collaboration with ARHEAD Metaverse Ecosystem, BALAGAN creative agency and ATRIUM architectural workshop.

A competition will be announced shortly where tickets and visas to the metaverse can be won. Stay tuned!

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