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creator economy stats

Creator economy statistics show data of the market and its growth. As the market is still evolving, statistics are very important to unerstand where the creator economy is heading in the next years. Creator economy impact: an overview

creator economy definition

The creator economy are the sum of all independent freelancers and creatives who earn their living with their own creative solutions. This can range from content, art, music to YouTube channels, podcasts or Tik-Tok influencers. As the number of these creatives grows year by year, it has become more than a trend and is therefore …

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blockchain consultants

Blockchain consultants are professionals in blockchain technology. As there are many different blockchains out there with different capabilities, consultancy can be very beneficial to find the best fit for your Web3 startup.

low-code Web3 constructor

A low-code Web3 constructor offers tools to build Web3 applications with little code adjustments, just like WordPress does for Web2 websites. It is built for more tech-oriented people that prefer some code adjustments.

no-code Web3 constructor

A no-code Web3 constructor offers tools to build Web3 applications without code, just like WordPress does for Web2 websites.

creator economy market map

The creator economy market map shows all the different sectors where creators are engaged. Sectors could be content, financial, community management, music, art & many more.

creator economy growth

In 2021, the number of creators increased by 48% compared to the previous year. Overall, estimates suggest that the creative industry could grow to a $104.2 billion market by 2022.

Web3 constructor

A Web3 constructor is a tool to build Web3 applications without heavy investment in custom development. DEIP offers low-code and no-code solutions for creators to build their solutions via drag & drop editor.


A decentral autonomous organization is a group of people that organize themselves within the digital space. Token holders and supporters of the DAO are eligible to vote for changes or fundamental decisions within the protocol. Usually, DAOs hold a treasury, that is used to invest or support a specific cause. This could be a DAO …

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future of the creator economy

The future of the creator economy will be shaped by the creators themselves and organizations like DEIP that support creators with necessary tooling. Web3 offers many new possibilities, as it increases the ability of ownership within the digital space. This means the value is shifting from big centralized organizations back to creators. In the future, …

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