Generating ideas for innovative Web3 startups

One of the major factors holding entrepreneurs back from launching a startup is the lack of a good idea. Coming up with an innovative Web3 startup idea can take a lot of time and effort. More often than not, a good idea doesn’t come to mind right away and will require some brainstorming. 

Luckily, there are proven techniques and many sources to help inspire new and profitable Web3 startup ideas. DEIP has a lot of expertise in Web3 innovation so we’d like to share our professional insights below.

How to generate startup ideas: 6 proven ways

Here is a list of activities that will help you generate a whole heap of promising Web3 startup ideas.

Research as much as you can

Afterall, what can be more useful for gaining insight into any topic? By reading and exploring the work of experts in the field, you’ll uncover opportunities and find inspiration for new ideas and solutions. 

DEIP suggest looking at the following reputable sources:


·       Blockchain 2035: The Digital DNA of Internet 3.0, by Jared Tate (2019)

·       Token Economy: How the Web3 reinvents the Internet, by Shermin Voshmgir (2020)

·       Blockchain Wars: The Future of Big Tech Monopolies and the Blockchain Internet, by Evan McFarland (2021)

·       Blockchain and Web 3.0: Social, Economic, and Technological Challenges, by Massimo Ragnedda (2019)

·       Blockchain Revolution, by Don Tapscott (2016)

·       Web 3.0 Startups, by R.L. Adams (2013)


·       Cointelegraph Magazine

·       VentureBeat

·       MIT Technology Review

·       Fast Company


·       Web3 Talks (shows how to build Web3 projects directly from Web3 founders)

·       Web3 Breakdowns (discusses Web3 architecture, NFT projects, and blockchain-based protocols)

·       The Money Movement (explores the opportunities that are driving this new world of digital money)

·       Hustle And Flowchart – Web3 and The Creator Economy (blends discussions on the content creator economy landscape, Web3, and NFTs)

·       Untold Stories (talks about the personal histories of crypto’s most influential leaders)

·       The Index (explore the future of Web3, crypto, and the metaverse)

·       Citizen Cosmos (talks about the masterminds behind blockchain and Web3 builders)

TEDx talks:

·       How will YOU contribute to Web 3.0: The blockchain effect

·       The potential of blockchain

·       How the blockchain will radically transform the economy

Browse crowdfunding platforms for inspiration

Inspiration that really hits allows us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations, says Harvard Business Review. When good Web3 startup ideas don’t come to mind on demand, try browsing a crowdfunding platform for some inspiration.

Of course, the motive behind the search shouldn’t be to steal someone else’s idea, but to see how leading business owners develop their projects and get a shot of inspiration for your invention or idea. The best concepts for your startup may come from analyzing successful enterprises in other industries.

Some crowdfunding platforms to visit for valuable insights are Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and SeedInvest. Or you can go to the VentureRadar platform, which ranks companies, to see market leaders and learn from the best.

Attend tech events

We’re often so busy that we ignore the event promotions that pop up in our inbox. However, this could be a mistake. Attending tech events can offer a whole world of new inspiration.

Simply put, attending an event offers you the chance to meet successful entrepreneurs and also gives you exposure to new ideas that you can implement in your Web3 startup. 

Given that, we listed some top Web3 events of 2022 to add to your calendar:

·       CryptoWorldCon 2022 (Date: Apr 1-2 2022, Location: Miami, USA)

·    BlockDown Croatia 2022 (Date: May 11-13 2022, Location: Šibenik, Croatia)

·    Crypto Carnival 2022 (Virtual) (Date: Feb 22 2022)

·    Consensus 2022 (Date: June 9-12 2022, Location: Austin, USA)

·    Internet 2.0 Dubai 2022 (Date: March 20-22 2022, Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

·    Metaverse Summit Paris (Date: July 16-17 2022, Location: Paris, France)

Do market research

Our next advice on how to find an idea for a startup is to research the Web3 market, conduct a competitive analysis, and keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Knowing trends is essential for success in every business sector and can provide unique insights for building your Web3 startup.

So don’t forget to follow the Web3 industry leaders and experts because they are the first who know all about the hottest market trends. 

You may want to check the profiles of the following influencers to keep up to date with the most recent and promising developments in Web3:

· Jarrod Dicker on Twitter

· Lisa Short on LinkedIn

· Elizabeth Stark on Twitter

· Chris Burniske on Twitter

· Emin Gün Sirer on Twitter

Browse and take part in niche forums

The niche forums and platforms such as Quora, StackExchange, Medium, and Reddit are valuable tools for discovering fantastic startup ideas.

Forums were the source of how we came up with the idea regarding DEIP (the first Web3 protocol for tokenization of high-value intangible assets). What inspired us was the idea of building an alternative economic model where the human creator would be at the center of it all. 

Today, the DEIP team is working diligently to create a stream of novel technologies alongside the art, movie, and music industries to unlock the potential of global human capital through Web3.

Use startup idea generator

At some point, you might feel like you have done everything to connect the dots of your Web3 startup thoughts and have run out of ideas. But there is still one more method (possibly the simplest) to come up with multiple, fresh startup ideas: using a startup idea generator.

Visit a specialized AI-powered platform like Recuria or Ideas AI and check out the suggestions. Some services allow you to generate startup names, check domain availability, and see logo variants.

Maybe this super simple and straightforward approach will provide you with the most powerful Web3 startup ideas, so give it a try.


A great Web3 startup idea requires time and effort. Start your brainstorming on a small scale: conduct market research, seek inspiration in books and magazines, spend some time in niche forums, or use a startup idea generator to devise a shortlist of ideas.

The next step is to turn your valuable ideas into reality with DEIP! 

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