How DEIP will change everything

The DEIP project has been trending for a while on the tech scene. It was launched to drive the development and research that would facilitate the implementation of Web3.

This transition is based on decentralized technology, offering the option of a new and improved internet service for creators that will yield better returns from their projects without intervention from the middleman. 

The creator economy needs applications, tools, and protocols attached to Web3 to reach its full potential, helping you get the most from your ideas and innovations. DEIP is a Web3 protocol developed to help you tokenize intangible assets of high value, including intellectual property. The network performs these tasks by enhancing the availability, circulation and distribution of rewards to users.

If you intend to create, launch, and grow a blockchain project, consider DEIP. This article outlines the aims, features, and vision of the DEIP Network to help you understand it better before you invest in DEIP tokens.

Goals and features of the DEIP project

  • Improving liquidity for asset owners and creators
  • Ongoing rewards for asset owners and project creators
  • A governance model based on DAO
  • Quick development on Web3
  • Creating connections
  • Increased IP protection

The DEIP project in detail


The main aim of the DEIP project is to encourage you as a creator to adopt the Web3 network and increase the liquidity of your assets. It creates a comprehensive platform where prospective traders can interact and exchange their assets quickly, transparently, and independently, without a centralization or intermediaries.

If you own intangible or tangible assets and you’d like them to be more liquid, DEIP offers you F-NFTs that increase your assets’ accessibility on a global scale. These tools also come in handy when you’re a creator and need a higher conversion rate for your projects, resulting in more liquidity.


DEIP also seeks to boost the likelihood of getting your intellectual property (IP) and other assets monetized. It facilitates the process of ensuring you remain the rightful owner of these assets or IP, an easy process through the decentralized Web3 system.

If your business needs to interact with asset/IP owners or other creators, DEIP is the project to invest in. It offers a wide arena for these collaborations and connections, thereby expanding the scope of your venture.

You can directly contact like-minded traders, investors, creators, or asset owners to strike deals that will benefit your business and grow its liquidity and profitability.

Another goal of the DEIP project is to protect your assets and IP through the secure technologies of Web3 and blockchain. The platform’s decentralization translates to secure transactions and operations that prevent third parties or governments from interfering with your project.

As a creator, you can increase your project’s monetary value by automating the process of generating royalty using tools like DAOs, F-NFTs or NFTs, a marketplace, and licensing tools.


The governance model of DEIP is based on DAO to benefit you as an asset owner, IP creator, or project developer. This model also facilitates the monetization of organizations, businesses, and digital assets.

Quick and easy

DEIP has a modular framework supporting the creation and operation of Web3. This enables you to quickly develop portals from open sources connected to certain assets or themes.

The DEIP Constructor presents you with a low-tech mode and one that doesn’t require any code, helping you to easily build a Web3 network of high impact.


Asset owners and creators seeking to connect with reputable brands get a chance to do so on this platform. DEIP facilitates the process of monetizing your assets and sharing them with the targeted audience.

This increases their popularity and expands the market, adding to your asset’s or project’s profitability.


Through technologies built around Web3 and blockchain, your intellectual property rights ownership remains highly secured. This ownership is recorded on public ledgers that are decentralized, traceable, transparent, cryptographically secure, and tamper-proof.

This project seeks to provide the creators with a governance model based on data access objects. With this model, you can operate your data and maintain the anonymity of your database details. It also enhances security and reduces the chances of having your database traced back.

Why invest in DEIP tokens and support the project

DEIP focuses on enhancing an economy that seeks to create value for all creators. This is different from the current “value capture” economy that relies on the existing resources instead of creating new ones.

You can contribute to this by investing in its tokens and supporting the project as a creator. In return, you gain liquidity, security, governance, and freedom of connecting with other organizations. 

The creator economy considers intangible assets of low value due to their illiquidity. The system features centralized publishers, contributing to the low value of intangible assets as they appropriate a high amount of this value.

However, Web3 Protocol created by DEIP helps you monetize your skills and raise your value using the finance and software tools it offers. 

As an independent community builder, curator, or content creator, you can discover, evaluate, exchange, and license your intangible assets using NFTs or F-NFTs, which enhance liquidity when traded. 

You can also hire a constructor from DEIP when starting a Web3 startup. This speeds up the project while maintaining the protocols. When your startup reaches a scalable level, you can consult DEIP for further guidance.


If you are a creator or an asset owner, you can raise your value and liquidity by investing in DEIP tokens and projects. It comes with a secure and decentralized network that facilitates your ventures’ value addition and higher liquidity.

The system is also cost effective and fast, you can exchange your tangible or intangible assets with these tokens without relying on publishers or intermediaries that cut into your project’s value. 

You can also invest in DEIP to facilitate your Web3 startup construction using Protocol. Such projects use DeFi derivatives and tools to enhance liquidity, the DAO governance model to enhance database security, and F-NFT to tokenize intangible assets.

It offers you the tools to thrive in the “value creation” economy and transition from the “value capture” economy.

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