How to generate a DEIP wallet address

Getting started

To generate an account, use Polkadot{.js}: a browser extension for managing Substrate-based network accounts in a browser. You will receive DEIP tokens to the generated address according to the schedule of your vesting contract.

Video guide

Read below for the step-by-step guide to generating a DEIP wallet address.

1. Install the browser extension

The browser extension is available for both Google Chrome (and Chromium-based browsers like Brave) and FireFox.

After installing the plugin, you should see the orange and white Polkadot{.js} logo in the menu bar of your browser.

2. Create an account

Click the big plus button or select “Create new account” from the small plus icon in the top right. The Polkadot{.js} plugin will then use system randomness to make a new seed for you and display it in the form of twelve words.

We strongly advise you to store the seed somewhere safe and secret.

For maximum security, the seed should be written down on paper or another non-digital device and stored in a safe place. You may also want to protect your seed from physical damage too (e.g. by storing it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent water damage, storing it in a fireproof safe, etching it in metal, etc.) It is recommended that you store multiple copies of the seed in geographically separate locations (e.g. one in your home safe and one in a safety deposit box at your bank).

You should not store your seed on any kind of device that has or may have access to the internet in the future. The seed is the key to your account. Knowing the seed allows you, or anyone else, to re-generate and control this account.

3. Create your account

In the top area, you can see the generated address that matches your secret seed. The address is a public part of the account that identifies it for other network participants.

The first character of the address should be the numeric character 5.

Under the address, you can see a select list with a number of options to display the address in a specific format. Leave it as it is with the “Allow use on any chain” option selected. This will guarantee you use a generic address compatible with any Substrate-based network, including DEIP.

The account name is arbitrary and for your use only. It is not stored on the blockchain and will not be visible to other users who look at your address via a block explorer. If you’re juggling multiple accounts, it helps to make this as descriptive and detailed as needed.

The password will be used to encrypt this account’s information in your browser.

Note that this password does NOT protect your seed phrase.

If someone knows the twelve words in your mnemonic seed, they are still able to gain control over your account even if they do not know the password. It just protects your browser extension from being used by a third party.

4. Inform DEIP about the account

Once you have generated the account, copy the address and email it to us at You can copy it by clicking the copy-address icon on the right-hand side.

Do not send your seed phrase to us or anybody else! Keep it private.

After receiving your address, we will fund it with DEIP tokens according to your vesting schedule.

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