Pre-sale application processing begins

We are happy to let you know that we are starting processing pre-sale investors.

Those who applied to take part will be contacted by email, so please check your inboxes (and junk folders just in case!).

Important notice

The presale was oversubscribed in less than 24 hours, so we had to decide on the process of how we process the presale round. We came up with a model, which we believe will be inclusive enough and will allow more investors to participate.

Taking part

First and foremost you will need to undergo KYC to take part. Those first to pass KYC will be first in line to apply for a presale allocation.

Secondly, we have split the whole presale round (800k at 40M valuation) into 8 (eight) equal allocations. Each allocation has a different number of investors which can participate in it.

Allocation #1: 200 investors x $500 check

Allocation #2: 100 investors x $1,000 check

Allocation #3: 50 investors x $2,000 check

Allocation #4: 20 investors x $5,000 check

Allocation #5: 10 investors x $10,000 check

Allocation #6: 4 investors x $25,000 check

Allocation #7: 2 investors x $50,000 check

Allocation #8: 1 investor x $100,000 check

So in total in the current round we will have 387 investors participating.

We start with distribution of the allocation 1 by 1 based on first come, first served following the completion of KYC.

You can only take part once and in one allocation.

Those who don’t manage to participate in the current presale will be put into a whitelist for further rounds.

For each allocation we give a maximum of three days to perform the transaction. If someone fails to perform their transaction, the agreement is voided and we offer the allocation to the next participant.

For larger allocations (starting from $10,000 check), we ask investors to provide more information about how they can help the development of the DEIP ecosystem and help us bring the whole creator economy to Web 3.0.

Here is the process of participation in DEIP presale:

  1. Go through the KYC process (check your email and complete KYC via the secure link provided)
  2. Receive a SAFT with exact amount for investment
  3. Sign SAFT (you will be given only 3 days for this)
  4. Make a transfer to the presale multisig address (specified in the SAFT)

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