The most promising Web3 startup ideas to implement in 2022

Imagine a new era of the Internet—entirely secure, decentralized, and profitable. This is the promise of Web3 startups, the next generation of the World Wide Web.

By eliminating untrusted intermediaries and allowing users to interact directly, Web3 opens up a whole new territory for startups. Such an impact is undeniable, and now is the right time to take your place in the Web3 sector. 

But where to start? DEIP has compiled the following list of promising Web3 startup ideas to give you the keys to open up new opportunities for your company and provide long-term and sustainable value in today’s economy.

What can businesses expect from Web3?

Web3 provides a more efficient reality, combining the most innovative tech solutions like AI, Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as leveraging logistics, energy distribution, and customer interaction.

A few years ago, the internet was not safe for sharing data. Users depended on third parties to share information with others. But, with the launch of Web3, businesses and individual users finally became the absolute owners of their information.

What’s more, Web3 is open for client interaction. People can get more accurate and relevant information. And this is why more and more founders are considering the use of Web3 for their startups.

The best Web3 startup ideas to choose from

Here are some proven and extremely popular business ideas for Web3 that might light up your vision.

NFT curation

Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) saw a huge boom in the past year. Today artists can make digital files and get absolute ownership, which has never been possible on the internet before. Put simply, NFTs have changed the game. How can you use this explosive trend for your startup idea?

With the rise of NFTs, there is an issue in the market that is begging to be solved: NFT curation. Some resources do this exceptionally well. However, people want to see the “power” of trust and personality that current online platforms can’t provide. Thus, social accounts dedicated to finding and curating quality NFTs from legitimate and respected artists will no doubt be very popular in the future. 

In this case, one of the best ways to monetize the work is to let artists use your platform to sell art in exchange for a percentage of sales. This puts both the platform (your account for NFT curation) and the artist on the same wavelength and allows you to work together to build an engaged and dedicated following.

Web3 consulting

Web3 is growing day by day and no one knows for sure what it will look like in the near future, or even tomorrow. It’s a challenging landscape with many pitfalls. Investors and entrepreneurs from outside this growing tech sector looking to jump in will need professional advice.

Web3 consultants will be able to share their expertise with clients and offer guidance on the best practices in this field. Consulting can also help startups prepare their operations for the reality of customers and offer adapted services that meet industry, functional and client expectations. In addition, Web3 consultants help re-evaluate how strategy work is carried out. Strategies need to be more agile seeing as a 10-year plan could, realistically, be obsolete by next week. Web3 specialists can quickly find ways to turn your idea into reality and make sure that it demonstrably works. 

The Web3 consulting service industry is set to blow up. The rapidly emerging technologies are too tempting for companies to ignore, but they are also ill-equipped to go it alone. The best way to take advantage of this is to understand the ins and outs of Web3 fully. You might be surprised at how simple this can be.

Take our word for it, in the next year or so, demand for Web3 consultants will skyrocket. So keep this in mind for your tech startup idea.

iGaming and metaverses

iGaming is extremely popular, the sector was worth over $300 billion in 2021. There is no doubt that this form of play will move into virtual reality, given the advent of a metaverse with great potential.

Websites in the online gambling industry must be able to quickly adapt to changes and evolve rapidly with new technologies. Services could be created to allow operators to quickly learn about new trends and incorporate them into existing site features.

Building an iGaming site is now much easier than it was a few years ago. Most large organizations use iGaming platforms with pre-built features such as an intuitive CMS, customizable modules, and powerful analytics tools. Such platforms offer suitable templates that are fully customizable and designed to grow and scale.

Personalized e-commerce and advertising solutions

From an e-commerce perspective, the goal of Web3 is to get more value out of a vast social network. With new and improved methods for interpreting user habits, you can learn more about a buyer’s specific interests and deliver a truly personalized e-commerce experience, unlike today’s targeted ads. For example, creating an online clothing store using Web3, you can get more information about customers and quickly satisfy their needs based on historical data.

In a Web3 case, targeted ads can lead to marketing specific clothing products, like a fashionable skirt, that better fit a person’s profile and make those ads much more effective and likely to convert into sales. 

Similarly, we are used to traditional movie advertising on the internet. In the Web3 era, for example, a moviegoer’s search may result in horror films being shown only after 11:00pm in two specific theaters. These results will be based on historical information that has been collected and analyzed across a range of social networks.

Web3 is the perfect place for realizing your startup ideas! 

Web3 has both technical and conceptual sides. The conceptual side is a vision of what the future looks like in terms of scalable and secure applications that use applied blockchain to create value in decentralized networks.

For example, the DEIP project wasn’t built overnight. It was a long, complex process requiring patience and a lot of effort to achieve great results.

DEIP was created to build a better, brighter future using blockchain-based Web3 technologies. It’s designed to support creators, intellectual property rights (IPR), and tangible and intangible asset owners.

The project strives to encourage widespread adoption of Web3 and boost the liquidity of content creator economy assets & creator economy growth. Also, to affect the increase in monetization potential of intellectual property (IP) and tangible/intangible assets. 

In addition, DEIP’s core idea was to improve IP and asset protection using the blockchain and Web3 technologies and provide a DAO-based governance model for creators, IP, and asset owners.

As you can see, Web3 is a place where people can connect, communicate, transact and collaborate without the intervention of a third party or big tech. It’s a reality where everything is open source, where developers and companies can take new ideas for a startup and build apps directly on top of the protocol. So grab your chance and join the Web3 revolution!

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