Reasons to believe in DEIP: Leadership

There are many reasons to believe in DEIP but it all starts with the leadership team. DEIP’s leadership is one of the strongest around, with deep technical expertise and wide business skills and contacts, with a proven track record of success.

Let’s take a look at the leadership team in more detail.

Alex Shkor — CEO

Tech entrepreneur, inventor, and distributed systems architect with the ultimate goal of creating an advanced digital infrastructure for research and innovation for the next century in order to drive exponential growth in knowledge and technology creation.

Alex Shkor is CEO of DEIP. He is an expert in blockchain architectures, crypto economy modeling and has more than 10 years of experience in designing distributed systems. Alex has held executive positions in successful blockchain and IT companies, including 6 years as a CTO and Head of R&D Department. He held executive positions in multiple successful startups and IT service companies. Alex is a member of Blockchain for science (Berlin), was invited as a speaker/lecturer to 10+ international conferences and universities, including at ETH Zurich, Global Graphene Development Conference, and Vienna Cryptoeconomics to present DEIP’s crypto economy and mathematical model, and to share his expertise with blockchain research groups. Alex regularly gives lectures and workshops on these topics, was invited as a speaker to world-leading international conferences and universities, such as Future of Money — Payments Drift Forum (IE Business School — Madrid), a think tank member of the Belarusian Blockchain Association and Blockchain for Science (Germany).

Alexey Kulik — Chief Architect

Experienced and passionate Software Engineer and Team Leader with a proven history of leading teams of up to 7 people in the IT services industry. Alexey holds a degree in Computer Science, has 8 years of experience in distributed systems. Alexey’s background in designing solutions and using self-developed architectures in complex projects in medicine, logistics, finance, and intellectual property management allowed him to easily shift his focus to blockchain architecture and become a professional in Graphene framework. Alexey is a visiting lecturer on blockchain at the Belarusian National Technical University, one of DEIP’s co-founders and currently the system architect and the leader of the DEIP blockchain development team.

Yahor Tsaryk — CTO

Software Engineer and Tech Lead with more than 7 years’ experience in IT industry, including backend and frontend development, in addition to dev-ops. Solid experience in designing complex infrastructures and workflows which embrace all the technical stages of apps: starting from user interaction; ending with broadcasting transactions in distributed systems. Expertise in a number of programming languages and architecture approaches has allowed Yahor to realize the benefits of the blockchain technology and the opportunities it can offer modern society.

Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch

Dimitri is a Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at DEIP. 20+ years of executive experience at NASDAQ companies. Serial entrepreneur and investor with ramping-up of international startups in IT, telecoms, fintech, and blockchain. Strong R&D background in statistics with 10+ publications on IEEE. Former CEO of Nokia MD and BY, building a strong business presence for for the company in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Dimitri also held a Global CTO positions at Nokia and at Siemens, enabling innovation products market introduction in regions AME, EMEA and APAC. While a Research and Teaching Doctorate position at the Ruhr-University in Germany, Dimitri developed novel statistical methods for today’s AI/ML technology. Dimitri has an MS in Electrical Engineering and Informatics, a PhD in Statistics and an Executive MBA (Executive Transition Program) from ESMT Berlin.

Nikolay Syusko

Executive with 10+ years of delivering innovative marketing solutions for both Fortune 500 & Deep Tech companies. 5 years in Web3 — helps protocols to get fair adoption from making hackathons with Gazprom to B2B-conferences by Gartner. Nikolay’s companies fundraised $200 million and counting.

If there were any reason to believe in DEIP then it would have to be the people behind the project.

Read about what DEIP is building in the litepaper

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