What is the leadership experience of DEIP?

The DEIP team comprises highly experienced and qualified individuals. Each team member has a unique skill set that makes them a perfect fit for this innovative project. From finance and marketing to product development and human resources, the team is well-rounded and ready to take on any challenge.

But what really sets this company apart is the founders. The people behind DEIP are veterans in the tech industry with years of experience in product development and software engineering. They have a clear vision for the company and are passionate about helping others succeed in business.

Getting to know the DEIP management team

DEIP’s founders have extensive knowledge and experience in technology and software engineering which has prepared them for the challenges they face today. In addition, the company leaders are incredibly passionate about helping other businesses grow and succeed.

So let’s meet the tech wizards behind DEIP: 

Alex Shkor

Alex Shkor is the founder of DEIP – a decentralized research platform that rewards scientists based on their contributions to global science. He also has experience working as a Chief Technical Officer and member of the board of directors at Paralect for 4 years. 

He left to focus on the most challenging academic problems and find solutions by applying blockchain technology and introducing solid economic models.

Alex started with a community of researchers who formed the initial members of the decentralized research platform. The initial members will be allocated unique DEIP-Gravity tokens according to their principal activities and specializations.

Alexey Kulik

Alexey Kulik is a highly experienced and passionate Software Engineer and Team Leader with a proven history of leading teams in the information technology and services industry. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of various programming languages and has a knack for solving complex technical problems. Teams managed by Alexey have always achieved exceptional results under his leadership.

Alexey has an exciting story. In college, he studied computer science and has since worked on big, complex projects in various industries – from medicine to finance. This experience gave him a unique skill set and an easy transition into working on blockchain architecture. 

Today, Alexey is a lecturer on blockchain technology and the system architect for DEIP – a project with massive potential in intellectual property management.

Yahor Tsaryk

Yahor Tsaryk is an experienced Software Engineer and Tech Lead with more than 6 years’ experience in the IT industry, including backend and frontend development, and dev-ops. He has a proven track record of developing high-performance and scalable software.

Yahor is an experienced designer of complex infrastructures and workflows that embrace all stages of app development, from user interaction to broadcasting transactions in a distributed system. 

He is well-versed in several programming languages and architectures, which has allowed him to utilize the benefits of blockchain technology and realize its potential for modern society. 

Yahor is one of the co-founders of DEIP and has been working on the project since its inception. As a result, he has a deep understanding of DEIP’s internal processes, business ideas, and technological stack.

Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch

Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch is the Co-Founder & Executive Board Adviser at DEIP. With his wealth of experience in the Web3 sector, Dr. Sidorovitch is perfectly positioned to lead DEIP into the future and ensure it becomes a significant player in the industry.

Dimitri holds a Ph.D. in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from Ruhr University and an MBA from ESMT.

Nikolay Syusko

Nikolay is a critical player in the DEIP team, helping to build a bridge between Web3 and Web2 infrastructure. He is focused on the first Web3 protocol for tokenization and governance of high-value intangible assets. This will shape how creators, from scientists to artists, get funding, validate ownership, and manage their IP.

Nikolay is also the CMO of DEIP and specializes in partnerships and team expansion. He has been known to manage stakeholders and day-to-day activities. Although he enjoys all of these endeavors, he finds his true passion in strategic marketing communications. 

This involves taking a step back and looking at the big picture – from business design agencies to PR consultancies. In addition, he loves expanding teams and making sure everyone is working harmoniously towards a common goal.

Why choose DEIP 

When it comes to blockchain projects, trust is essential. In the case of DEIP, this trust is founded on the experience and qualifications of its founders. They have a wealth of experience in the IT and blockchain industries, giving them the knowledge and expertise necessary to make DEIP a success. 

What’s more, they are all driven by a common goal – to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the IP management industry. This shared vision ensures that everyone on the team is working towards the same ends, which leads to greater efficiency and success. 

Finally, DEIP is backed by an advisory board that includes some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry. This guarantees that DEIP will have the resources and expertise necessary to succeed in the IP management sector.


The DEIP team is made up of experts from the blockchain and IT industry, all with a history and experience that makes them a formidable bunch and underpins their commitment to building a new paradigm for IP management. 

The founders are driven by their shared ambition and backed by an advisory board of some of the biggest names in the crypto space. There’s no doubt that choosing DEIP and investing in its tokens will be more than worthwhile!

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