Which NEAR apps can benefit from DEIP’s creator economy protocol?

DEIP is a creator economy protocol, with a vision to transform the creator economy as we know it with blockchain-based technology. 

We want creators to have access to the full range of tools and solutions to make more from what they create. Transforming the relationship between creators and fans, consumers of artistic works, endeavors, and projects. Building a stronger bridge between creators and fans, whilst at the same time, cutting out the middleman. 

As part of this, with DEIP being a substrate-based chain for creators and Web3 startups, we have established a partnership with NEAR and Octopus Network. In this article, we take a closer look at what this means for creators and how this benefits apps built on NEAR? 

What is NEAR? 

NEAR is a community (collective), a foundation, and a development platform built on an exciting new layer-one Blockchain. NEAR is a sharded, proof-of-stake (POS), layer-one blockchain, designed for founders, developers, and members of the blockchain community. 

In addition, NEAR also actively supports the development of creator-driven apps, dApps, and DeFi projects on the blockchain. NEAR has even established an accelerator, the Open Web Collective (OWC), through which twenty Web3 startups have been launched, raising over $72 million with a combined $610M valuation, supported by a community of 500 founders and developers. 

Founders, creators, and developers rely on NEAR to build and scale blockchain-based projects. Whether these are centered around NFTs, dApps (decentralized apps), or DeFi apps and products, NEAR’s infrastructure and solutions make all of this possible. 

DEIP is launching as an Appchain on the Octopus Network, allowing it to be deeply integrated with the entire NEAR ecosystem. This integration between DEIP and NEAR is currently being audited by the Octopus Network, to give our users/customers access to every advantage of both platforms.

How can NEAR apps benefit from DEIP? 

Let’s take a look at some of the apps that have already been launched on NEAR, and how these will benefit from a cross-chain connection with DEIP. 

Satori, for example, promises “Better Economics for Creators.” Satori is an NFT-based creator studio for artists and brands to create NFTs and promote them to fans, without the need for coding and technology expertise. 

Satori offers artists and creators an end-to-end no-code solution, with a Shopify plugin and direct-to-fan ways to drop NFTs to large and growing audiences. All of this runs on the NEAR protocol, as one of the dApps NEAR promotes and supports. 

As you can see, there’s a lot of overlap between what DEIP is building for creators and what Satori has done on the NEAR protocol. NEAR makes minting NFTs quick, easy, and cheap, allowing creators on Satori to “engage entire communities in a single drop.” We are establishing this partnership to support both communities. What’s good for creators on one platform is meant to benefit creators and fans everywhere. 

Another dApp built using NEAR is Paras, a marketplace for NFT digital art cards. Currently in a public beta. 

Paras says that artists can “Create your digital art cards and sell them on the marketplace in just a few clicks. Start earning with your digital creation.” Collectors are flocking to Paras to collect, buy, sell, and swap digital art cards. Without doubt, it’s an active and growing community. 

DEIP offers things that other dApps and projects being built and supported by NEAR don’t, such as the ability to turn NFTs into F-NFTs (fractionalized non-fungible tokens). Not only that, but DEIP, as a complete creator economy protocol, gives creators the ability to establish DAOs, and implement DeFi applications for intangible projects. 

Plus, for those wanting to launch Web3 startups, DEIP has an entire Web3 startup toolkit to support them. 

All these features of DEIP make partnership with NEAR an exciting prospect for creators everywhere. Whether you build on NEAR or DEIP, you can access the benefits of both networks.

This in turn will bring in more fans and more people keen to support your career and work, through the purchase of NFTs and F-NFTs. 

Any app or dApp built on NEAR can benefit from the DEIP network. Making the whole platform stronger and more effective for artists, creators, and creative entrepreneurs. 

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