Why buy DEIP tokens?

You can use any cryptocurrency wallet that accepts smart contracts through Ethereum; simply select the amount you wish to pay on ICOs. When using DEIP tokens to buy ICOs, there are no hidden commissions or fees. So, you’ll know what you’re spending at all times. 

The system is the only one of its kind, and it’s able to make spending cryptocurrency as easy as possible. It will automatically calculate how many DEIP tokens you will receive. And that’s not the only reason you should buy DEIP tokens.

3 key benefits of DEIP tokens


The DEIP token is valuable because it provides governance and voting rights in the Web3 ecosystem. This is a critical element for any DAO-based system and ensures that the network can operate smoothly and efficiently. 

People participating in the platform using DEIP tokens are incentivized to run a full node because they receive payment from the web for contributing their resources. These economic incentives will help ensure that there are always enough nodes operating on the network to meet demand. 

Elections will be held to appoint validators, council members, and decide on required change of network parameters. There will also be a safeguard to allow the community to vote on proposals and changes to the network. 

DEIP tokens have many uses because it’s not just a digital currency to operate within the ecosystem. It also provides governance and voting rights. This will come in handy when issues with nodes or recommendations don’t go through as expected.


The DEIP token is the only native token of the DEIP platform. So, anyone who wants to buy and sell NFTs or F-NFTs on the platform will need this token. Fees for transactions and smart contracts will be collected in DEIP tokens. 

Users who want a balance of DEIP tokens, necessary for purchases and transactions, will be able to convert other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through the platform directly (once Main Network is live). 

Eventually, users will be able to convert other currencies using Canary Network and through an extensive range of currency exchanges (DEX’s and CEX’s) when these conversion bridges are in-place.

Staking and Yield Farming

When you invest in DEIP tokens, you have the opportunity to make a short or long-term investment, depending on the vesting schedule you choose. In addition, you can also invest in specific F-NFT segments or portals to earn long-term yields from the attached assets. 

This makes the DEIP token a valuable investment option for anyone looking to see a good return on their investment.

Is buying DEIP tokens worth it?

DEIP token is a cryptocurrency created to invest in ICOs, without incurring any costs from commissions, taxes, or transaction fees. Thus, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with owning a digital asset without losing money on transaction costs.

There are many reasons to invest in DEIP tokens, but one of the most important is never having a transaction fee. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there is no risk of being charged hidden commissions or taxes with every purchase.

Another unique innovation of the DEIP token is that anyone who owns a DEIP token will receive 20% from each ICO purchased by others through our platform. This means that as more people want to buy into new projects and use DEIP tokens for their purchases, your investment becomes more valuable!

Reasons to buy DEIP tokens

There are many reasons to invest in DEIP tokens, but some of the most important include the following:

  • There is no risk of being charged hidden commissions or taxes with every purchase
  • DEIP token holders will receive 20% from each ICO purchased by others through our platform
  • DEIP tokens can be used to invest in any ICO without incurring any costs from commissions, taxes, or other fees
  • DEIP tokens are digital assets that can be stored and transferred easily
  • The 20% profit share that DEIP token holders receive will be paid out proportionally, based on the number of tokens you hold

So for example, if you hold 1,000 DEIP tokens, you will receive 20% of the profits from all ICOs purchased through our platform. This profit share will be paid out regularly, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of owning DEIP tokens!

Who should invest in DEIP tokens?

DEIP tokens are perfect for people who want to work with newer cryptocurrencies that have yet to establish themselves on the market and need market testing or community building.

Established or well-known cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may not see any further gains. Everyone knows about them already so there is little room left for growth. On the other hand, lesser-known cryptos such as DEIP tokens could see substantial price increases once they begin receiving attention from other potential investors who notice their value.

The best part about DEIP tokens is that they allow people to invest in ICOs without extra fees or commissions, so there’s no reason not to use them! In this way, the DEIP token offers you all of the perks and benefits associated with owning cryptocurrency without any transaction costs.

In conclusion, investing in new cryptos such as DEIP token will help investors realize significant investment growth because of the lower market entry point. Furthermore, the ease of access through intelligent contracts makes spending your money straightforward at all times, ensuring transactions happen every time, without fail. 

Overall, buying into new digital currencies such as DEIP will provide limited downside and added benefit when compared to many other investments. Hopefully, the information shared in this article will be helpful to you as you contemplate investing in a digital asset.


Why should you invest in the DEIP token? Let’s summarize:

  • You can avoid all fees when trading or investing in new ICO’s with DEIP tokens 
  • We are the only platform built on smart contracts giving our users freedom to use any wallet they choose without losing money on commission fees 
  • Our system makes spending cryptocurrency easier than ever before by making the process completely seamless 

So what are you waiting for? Buy into crypto today and purchase DEIP tokens!

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